We are very excited to announce that the doors are officially open on Jack’s Garage.

Jack’s Garage is Porter Novelli’s global creative group; a diverse collective of content strategists, designers, art directors, writers, editors and producers. Named for the humble origins of our 90-office international network, we’re all bound by a passion for thinking, solving, designing and building creative work in original and engaging forms. We deliver eye-catching, thought-provoking and behaviour-changing work, while serving the wider Porter Novelli network with the inspiration, ideas and invention that they need on a daily basis.

It is our mission to invent and produce truly great, uncompromising creative work. We are driven by our passion for our work and our desire to be collaborative partners to bring that work to our clients. Inspired by Jack and Bill who borrowed the best parts of the Madison Avenue advertising world and applied them to storytelling, behavior change and public relations, we also have a code of our own:

  • Be strategic. True consumer insights inspire creative work that captures dramatically, connects emotionally, informs inclusively and educates clearly.
  • Be inventive. Ideas invented always trump ideas borrowed; everything else is just regurgitation.
  • Be collaborative. We’re not precious; we know collaboration can only make great creative greater.
  • Be curious. We are permanently curious about our own world and the wider one; but we’re not nosey.
  • Be uncompromising. We take high standards seriously; ourselves, less so.
  • Be inspiring. We don’t keep our creative skills to ourselves; we want to share them with everyone.

In the coming weeks look for announcements on exciting new talent and easier ways of engaging us in your work. In the meantime, take a look around, check out our work to date, meet some of our amazing people, start a conversation about something that is sticking you, introduce us to a client, have us over for a brainstorm – we think you’ll be glad you did.