Whether or not you agree with the content put out by the Charlie Hebdo satirical paper, we all believe in the freedom of expression. Bottom line, no one deserves to be murdered for using their voice, pen or paintbrush. We at Jack’s Garage are passionate about that freedom and believe everyone should have the right to an opinion and express it in a safe way. As creators, we wanted to show our support to the people of Paris who are suffering through this tragedy and families of those who have fallen, with the following images of inspiration—some our own creations, while others are favorites from the web. We are with you in this time of grief.













By Jennifer & Fritz Robenalt, Porter Novelli Austin, TX



Favorite of Natalya Staritskaya, Porter Novelli Washington, DC (Cartoon by James Walmesley – unaffiliated)


UK Office

By Charlie de Mierre, Emily An & Frances Martlew, Porter Novelli London, UK



By Shelley Noeldechen, Porter Novelli Washington, DC



By Shey White (son Diego), Porter Novelli Washington, DC


Nik Willets

By Nik Willets, Voce Communications Winter Haven, FL



By Shreyas Navare, unaffiliated (Favorite from Social Media)



By Lucille Clerc, unaffiliated (Favorite from Social Media)



By unknown, unaffiliated (Favorite from Social Media)