Creative briefs are often littered with statistics – XX% believes, Y% says, ZZ% does. Used to describe audiences and situations in terms that are wholly un-creative. Or so I thought until I heard Jack McGoldrick talk on NPR’s Here & Now about how one such statistic buried in a creative brief led to a brilliantly simple idea that changes the frame of an important conversation in America . That stat was that 1-in-4 US black teen boys do drugs. The brief was for an anti-drug campaign.

Mr. McGoldrick turned that stat on its head. If 1-in-4 do drugs then 3-in-4 don’t. He thought that perhaps if he re-framed the stats, maybe he could re-frame the story. Here is the result. Produced for the NAACP, not the original client. I assume the original client got their anti-drug campaign although I might argue that this is one in the same.