At Porter Novelli we are about changing behavior – not just broadcasting messages but truly driving purposeful action through communications. We excel at identifying the insights and strategies that motivate behavior change and bringing those to life through a variety of methods. We believe that this ability is part science and part art; that it is the unique combination of research and creativity that moves people to action. And, according to Paul Zak, it may be more science than we thought.

Paul Zak is a neuroeconomist and studies, among other things, the relationship between story structure and brain response. He has an amazing theory, backed by compelling research, about how storytelling affects brain chemistry. The stories we tell and the way we tell them – including arc and structure – affect the production of cortisol and oxytocin which in turn affect behavior. Ultimately it is about the empathy and connections we elicit through our stories – rooted in the science of the brain.


Future of Storytelling 2





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