We’ve been blessed to work with the PlayStation team on the design and development of the PlayStation.Blog since it’s inception in 2007. If I were better at organizing, or perhaps slightly psychic, I would have kept better track of each design iteration. But fear not! One of my favorite sites/tools to play with is here to save the day. Enter the WayBack Machine.

As I pulled screenshots from the archives, I noticed more than just the evolution of the PlayStation.Blog. It was like I was also watching the growth of our team and the WordPress platform along with it. Starting with a fairly basic, but nice looking blog, the site has grown into flexible content and social media hub for one of the most notable brands in the world.

So take a trip back in time with me. I grabbed a screenshot from the launch back in 2007, and then one from the end of each year since. Like any evolution, changes are often small and incremental. Small header and footer changes are common. But when you’re done, compare the original to the current site to see just how far it has come.

Some notable highlights:

  • 2008 shows a shift to much more media being included in posts
  • In 2009, you see the PlayStation Network integration get added to the header
  • In 2010, the site switched to a ‘white’ theme for a period
  • 2011 shows the switch back to black, but also targeted background takeovers
  • 2011 takes a drastic change away from a typical blog layout and breaks into 2 columns of ‘cards’
  • 2012 shows a color scheme shift from red to blue



Now, back to designing the next iteration!