Creative Team

Brilliant Strategists, Creative Thinkers, Powerful Storytellers, Visual Masters—around the globe.

Reinout Janssen

Studio Coordination & Quality Control

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Born with an eagle’s eye for quality and quality control, I read, write and think critically about the written word and its design.

Adelina Oprescu

Graphic Designer

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Design ace, proud football fan, amateur boxer and supplier of fine honey, Adelina also has “calul bun se vinde în grand” tattooed on her wrist.

Jeroen Gaudissabois

Jeroen Gaudissabois


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Beekeeper, reader, certified Orientalist and traveler. I absolutely adore my sense of humor.

Pedro Nieto

Pedro Nieto

Digital Manager

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I have a tattoo that says: “Reinvent”. Fitness fan, cinephile and binge watcher.  An idea always can be better, and better, and better.

Martha Ginsberg

Martha Kate Ginsberg

Senior Creative Producer, New Biz

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New Yorker through and through and Producer of all things New Biz. Love dreaming up creative solutions that bring presentations to life.

Jamie Pugliese Headshot

Jamie Pugliese


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Graphic Designer, living in Queens NY.

Mandy Griffiths

Mandy Griffiths

Social Media Lead

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An Australian who sounds Canadian, I took the ‘Are you a Geek or a Nerd?’ test so can officially say I’m a Geek. Loves creating stories for brands and building communities.

Josh Oakley Headshot

Josh Oakley

Creative Planner

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Observer, Explorer, Wanderer, Pathfinder – are all names of US space probes…I can cook though!

Caitlin Thompson Headshot

Caitlin Thompson

Graphic Designer

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Graphic designer, living in Melbourne.


Avi Truzman


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Young copywriter from Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Currently hanging my hat by the Lower East Side. I like to spend most of my free time foraging, shooting hoops, and roaming about this great city.


James Patten


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Detail enthusiast, adores cute baby goats, runner, cyclist, taster of fine pizzas. Making stuff “pretty” is a byproduct of what I do.


Ruby Quince

Head of Content / Brand Publisher

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Creative publisher specialising on the creation & distribution of innovative content in the emerging media landscape. Also documentary director, radio producer, weird beat-maker.

Emily An Headshot

Emily An

Design and Production

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Driven by perfection and blessed with great patience, Emily is a thoughtful designer who is not to be trifled with, unless you bring her free Portuguese chicken.

Frances Martlew Headshot

Frances Martlew

Design and Production

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Understatedly stylish London ladette and northern Trotskyite, who loves logos and layouts as much as she does public ownership of the means of production and beer.

Simon Fieremans

Creative & Multimedia Designer

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Eclectic educated designer with a passion for music & handmade shapes, designing almost everything a human eye can observe.

Nik Wilets

Senior Interaction Designer

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Luchador, Drunken Boxer, Space Cowboy and Whisky lover. Loves comics and making cool and interesting things.

Sam Hardy

Digital Media Developer

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Runner, cinephile, music nerd, soccer enthusiast. I create clever content for some of the biggest brands in the biz.

Shey White

Creative and Digital Producer

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Highly-caffeinated juggler who enjoys equal parts process and chaos. From big picture to small details, gives every project the white glove treatment.

Joel Espanol

Production Designer

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Outdoor junkie, competition archer, sleep-deprived console gamer. My quick ninja-like reflexes can whip up designs to create any mood or impulse.

Charlie de Mierre Headshot

Charlie de Mierre

Creative Director

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Lead of our London hub, Charlie spends time finding the ‘why’ for clients, being an ideas machine and acting as a creative buccaneer across EMEA. In his words, that is.

Wim Destrijker Portrait

Wim Destrijker

Account Director

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Wim started his professional career raising funds for an NGO. Used to work as a journalist at one of Belgium’s nationwide radio stations & started at Porter Novelli in ’98.

Tom Harris

Senior Content Producer

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Rookie-year dad, accomplished doodler, and seventh-generation North Carolinian, celebrating 14 years making content and content accessories.

shelley noeldechen associate creative director

Shelley Noeldechen

Associate Creative Director

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Whole-brained creative, relishing strategy and innovation. Team player. Multi-media ideator.

Chris Edwards

Broadcast Producer and Editor

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Editor and broadcast producer with a passion for finding good stories. I’m always up for new tastes, different places and interesting people. Love Houellebecq, Spring ’77, blue shirts and my red Vespa.

Dillon Townsel

Senior Account Executive

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Communicator, cameraman, and video producer. Former Army combat journalist, part-time musician, and full-time madman.

Connie Wright

Production Coordinator

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Short & pithy/art lover/passionate about Paris & Italy. All-around utility player/reader/go to because I want to help/need a restaurant, come to me/cats/babies/cerebralgoofball.