T-Mobile: Pet’s Unleashed

The Ask

Prior to this year, T-Mobile had never dipped its toe into the brands-behaving-jokingly, April Fools’ Day waters. But since the Un-Carrier prides itself on having a quirky sense of humor and pushing envelopes, we felt that was a wrong that needed some righting.

The Answer

PN’s account team and creative department collaborated to quickly sell in a video idea: Pets Un-leashed. Additional content amplified the video and spurred increased consumer engagement.

The results were pretty sweet. T-Mobile was included in 77% of all April Fools’ coverage of tech and general consumer companies. Pets Un-leashed earned 194 print and online news pieces and 52 unique broadcast segments across top outlets including BuzzFeed, CNET, CNN, CNBC, Fortune, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Adweek. Here are some of the commentary highlights:

“T-Mobile’s April Fools joke takes family plans to another, much hairier level.”
– Wall Street Journal

“That’s some Google-level April Fools’ video quality, T-Mobile. Good job.”
– Tech Crunch

“T-Mobile, meanwhile, pokes fun at itself and its frequent attacks on rivals AT&T and Verizon, while also skewering the seemingly irresistible allure of smartphone screens, the latest trendy apps, and even, um, pony porn.”

So, you could say T-Mobile did, in fact, win April Fools’. Not that it’s a competition. But it kind of is. Okay, it’s definitely a competition. Hands in the air, T-Mobile. You won.