Smithsonian: 2011 Annual Report

The Ask

As the first organizational representation of a new brand, the Smithsonian Institute was looking to produce the 2011 Annual Report in a new way.

The Answer

The report Porter Novelli produced for the Smithsonian was like none they had ever done before. Usually crammed full of imagery and content from the over 100 museums, partners and programs, they were text heavy and failed to bring the wonder and beauty of the museum to life. This time, we wanted to inspire the viewer to come closer to the artifacts, discoveries and exhibitions the museum was supporting. We did this through large, brilliant image spreads, intriguing stories and interactive content.

The Annual Report was not only a huge hit internally, garnering praise from the Secretary himself, but it was also the first creative piece to support the new brand strategy of “Simply Amazing,” on which it delivered perfectly – inspiring Smithsonian employees and donors alike to rally behind the new brand.

View the full Annual Report.