Nature Made: Product Launch Experience

The Ask

For the biggest product launch in Nature Made’s history, three innovative new supplements were revealed to the media in the Bryant Park Hotel Loft. Our job: make it an experience.

The Answer

The event design combined sight and taste to create a unique vitamin experience showcasing the strengths and differentiators of each of the new products.

Beginning with the invitation, descriptive bubble magnets hinted at the secrets to be unveiled. Matching entry art, mirroring the invite’s magnets, greeted guests off the elevator. Carrying the deep burgundy brand color into a small space and making it feel light was a necessity. Instead of banners and stands, I chose to use non-permanent FotoFab wallpaper to own the space and allow the design to be fluid and interconnected. The burgundy wave flowing through the invitation was carried into the room design as a three foot wave, keeping the color from becoming overwhelming and oppressive. Three designated product areas were chosen based on the maximization of flow and open space and a central, speaker area was designated – all were worked into the wallpaper design.  Wall corners, windows, doors and open space were considered in every aspect of design layout.

Guests enjoyed taste sensations that matched the products’ key qualities such as sorbet for melts, powerfully flavored bon bons for minis and fruit flavored cocktails for gummies. The event drew a great crowd, even some big media names, and the client was exuberant with the creative and the turnout. If I can make my client shine, I always feel I’ve done a great job.

2013 Silver American Advertising Award