HP: Never Run Out

The Ask


We were tasked with promoting Instant Ink, a relatively unknown printing service that removes the problem of running out of printer ink, saving time and money.

In addition to increasing social media reach and engagement we also set out to drive traffic to HP’s Instant Ink website and provide a boost to the product’s home page search ranking; the core drivers of subscriptions to the service.

However the campaign also had ambitious objectives beyond the commercial. In a world of relentless time pressure on mum & dad and diminishing attention spans in children, we wanted to encourage parents to take time out to read with their kids to rediscover the simple joy of shared story-telling, in a non-didactic way.

Our aim was to not only remind people of the value of printed material, but to actively bring parents and children together to reconnect with a fundamental, some might say endangered, family pastime.

The Answer

We partnered with established UK children’s author/illustrator Tom Percival to develop the heroes of our story: a little boy called Harrison and his imaginary friend Hugo, who happened to be a giant panda.

Hugo was part of Harrison’s imaginary zoo, and from this start point eight key influencers were invited to continue the story, one by one and with complete creative freedom, to produce a crowd-sourced children’s
book; Harrison and Hugo’s Imaginary Zoo.

Over ten weeks new episodes of the story were released via our influencers’ social media channels to thousands of parents and children across the UK. As each section of the story was published, so engagement with the process grew.

In order to drive awareness of the benefits of Instant Ink parents were encouraged to print Harrison and Hugo’s adventures out at home, but more important was the call to action to mum & dad to actively read to and with their children. In doing so Instant Ink became a facilitator of bedtime magic.

To date, the book has been downloaded over 24,000 times and that number is still rising.