American Equity: Rebrand

The Ask

When American Equity came to us, they knew they needed a change—but they didn’t know what direction to take their brand in. Around since the 70′s, the insurance company had a market recognition that rivaled any competitor. But their materials didn’t portray the high-class products and steadfast professionalism the organization had held for years. After completing a landscape scan, we determined that the values they held so dear—Integrity, Trust, Enduring, Human, American—were in fact the ones that the industry recognized them by. They just weren’t portraying those values in the materials they released.

The Answer

The logomark was addressed first. Maintaining their classic eagle head (a brand trademark and required asset), I updated the logo to a more spacious design and modern font, and included a lockup with the new tagline. Although timid at first to even look at an updated logo, we quickly won them over by talking through the advantages of the updated mark. Then, we began developing messaging and visuals that could elevate the brand while reinforcing their core values. I gave them a visual style with assets that would differentiate them in the market. Again, upholding their core values and creating a brand look and feel that the organization could rally behind.

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