Late last summer we modernized the Porter Novelli, with a website redesign.  What do I mean by “modernizing”?  Well, it has multiple meanings in the case of this redesign.

The old website had quite a few years under it’s belt and no longer properly represented the agency.  While the logo had been updated, the website was very dark with black backgrounds that made it uninviting.  With the new website we took the opposite approach and made the website lighter by using large, high quality photographs and ample use of white space.  This made the new website much more engaging and a pleasure to browse.  The white background worked well with the orange and yellow brand colors which allowed them to pop and gave the website an energetic personality.  We also utilized modern web fonts which increased the legibility of the copy.

The overall messaging needed to be updated as well, so our content team rewrote everything from the ground up to ensure the right message was getting through to our visitors.  The old homepage was primarily focused on company news and it required digging to figure out what services the agency offered to the public.  The focus of the new homepage was not only to feature what Porter Novelli can do, but to also showcase internal news as well.

Porter Novelli is a global agency with a local focus, and their old website didn’t reflect that.  It also focused mostly on corporate information and didn’t let the individual offices have much exposure, so we set out to fix that for the new website.  The old website could be used to locate offices throughout the world and obtain the primary contact information, but that was the extent of it.  With the new design and structure, we built in a way for each office to customize their landing page giving them control over what visitors see and giving them a stake in the final product.  Each office now has the ability to feature their employees, post items to their portfolios, post news and blog articles.  This allows each regional office to have a voice on the main corporate website, removing the need for the regional offices to build and maintain their own individual websites.

And most importantly, we made the new website responsive.  During our competitive analysis we found that a majority of the agency’s competitors didn’t have responsive websites.  This was one way we knew we were surpassing the competition by making the Porter Novelli website accessible from mobile and tablet devices in addition to desktop computers.  The end result was a light, inviting, modern and responsive design that looks great and functions well across devices.

In part two of this series, I’ll be detailing the specifics of our processes during our discovery and planning phases of this project.  It was during discovery phase we found the issues with the current website and determined the goals for the website redesign.  In the interim, check out the revised Porter Novelli website.