“We’re after the 80% of people that do not identify as a music lover,” said Jane Huxley, MD of Pandora Internet Radio Australasia, presenting at Porter Novelli Melbourne’s first Digital Distillation Breakfast of 2015. Music was a major theme of the breakfast so we decided to do something musically fun with our event feedback survey. It seemed like a straight forward idea – ask people their least favourite buzz words and turn them into a song utilising our musically talented Porter Novellians. But upon collating the answers, we realised the lyrics weren’t exactly going to write themselves.

Acting as unintentional muses, Jane and Peter Kent, CEO of Porter Novelli Australia, admitted at the event they’ll proudly let you know the song that was playing during their first kisses as teenagers, but don’t ask them who they were kissing because they have no idea. It became clear that no matter how many colourful metaphors or lines of twisted rhetoric, we needed to create a song that so many other songs sing about – a story about love. Hence Millennial Girl was born – for better or worse.