Stunts are a great way to have some fun with your audience while garnering attention. But in this age, engagement is everything and creating a stunt isn’t as easy as it used to be. The best way to excite your audience is to have them engage, give them something to discover, or deliver a big ah-ha moment.

In this series, we explore ways to make activations that fall a little flat better.


With a month to go for the premiere of season 6, the crew at HBO set up stunts in NY and LA today for the release of season 5 bluray. While underwhelming, I’ll hold out hope that something better is coming. Here’s a few ways the team at HBO could have made the dragon crash stunt better:

  • The idea of an injured dragon crash landing in the city is pretty cool. But could have been so much more! How about adding banners to buildings around the area, making them look like they’d been nicked by Drogon as he “limped” above the city.
  • OR we could take it even further—how bout it’s an interactive hunt: Drogon is injured and hiding somewhere in NYC. He’s left clues at different sites around town (dragon droppings in Washington Square, bones of his last meal in Columbus Circle). Fans can follow his trail of evidence all over the city via a Google maps download.
  • Each site has a clue that when pieced together lead you to Drogon’s hiding spot, where the 7:30pm screening occurs and unlocks content from the new season. Then, Drogon takes flight.

What would you have done to make it better? Tell me in the comments.