With fast paced deadlines and demanding requests, sometimes it’s easy to overlook basic elements of typography. Here are a few rules I like to keep at the top of my head:

Choose appropriate fonts that are easy to read. Don’t use display fonts for body text. Avoid overloading a layout with too many fonts or fonts that are too similar. Adjust spacing between characters and lines. Kern manually—don’t rely on software to adjust the type for you. Establish a typographic hierarchy using weight, color and contrast. Don’t make your text too small or put type on a busy background. Don’t be afraid of white space and give copy room to breathe. Justify text only if you need to. Keep your rags clean and stay away from orphans and widows. Limit paragraphs to 40-60 characters per line.

These are just a few of many guidelines. For a refresher on the basics, check out Butterick’s Practical Typography (http://practicaltypography.com/).  It’s a great review of the fundamentals of typography.

Photo: Web typography and You by Jamjar – http://bit.ly/1GLGJYo.                                                   License here: http://bit.ly/1ryPA8o