Thanks to modern technology and social media, we can customize everything in our lives – from news to music radio. Anything and everything in our lives learns our personalities and habits to cater to our worldviews. The only part of our daily digital interaction we cannot seem to tailor, are the advertisements we see.

As my feed fills with poorly done ads, I increasingly feel there should be a dislike button. Insincere dictation and unclear brand/product/emotion in YouTube, Facebook, and Pandora ads cause me to physically cringe. Why do we have to suffer through this? Why do I have to hear this?

And here is the kicker: This is not relevant to me, so why am I hearing it?

Why am I hearing it? With the amount of information that is readily available on audiences and how much you can tailor who sees your ads, there is no reason not to take the time to tailor and improve your creative.

It tells your audience that you don’t want to take the time to know them. In a culture where my coffee company wishes me “Happy Birthday” and my shoes are custom dyed, it’s not going to fly.

Share the love with your audience and get to know them. Use research to hone both placements and creative. Test concepts and track everything.

And give me a dislike button.


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